The Role Of Steel Trays

The options for ute trays are numerous, with pre-fabricated models being preferred by dealerships selling cars. These trays often include smart acknowledgements that are cut into a profile or dog chains, or even a crane to load wheeled equipment.

Choosing the right material for is a different consideration. Commercial aluminium is a non-ferrous metal, in contrast to mild steel (which contains iron and carbon). It isn’t rusty, which is ideal for coastal areas, where the salt air can quickly corrode a ute tray.

TUFF Australia

The TUFF Australia brand is known for its famous bullbars, ute trays and 4WD accessories. It is built for Australian conditions and provides an array of options to suit all budgets and needs. In addition to these products, TUFF also provides tradie workwear and other types of protective equipment.

The company’s founders have an emphasis on quality and are honest with their customers. This has helped the company to build a solid reputation in the market. They also have a quality manager who is dedicated and provide a full warranty on their products.

TUFF has recently invested heavily in new machinery to increase the quality of their products. The purchase included a new laser and brake press that allows the production of more precise components. A tube bender was also purchased to bend brushrails and headboards. Air Liquide supplies TUFF with ARCALTM speed, a gas mix designed for high-speed weld processes.

TUFF Galvanised

Designed to endure the rigors of continuous work, these heavy duty elegant steel trays are welded using galvanised RHS Steel to ensure strength and quality. This cuts down on costs and lead times normally associated with steel trays, while upholding Duratray’s commitment to strength.

In addition to ute trays the company also makes canopies and tool boxes for a range of vehicles. These are utilized by council rangers and pest control teams, as well as other people who travel through rough terrain.

TUFF Galvanised is dedicated to providing its customers with top quality products and services. It offers hot-dip galvanizing that is advanced to exact dimensional and tolerance specifications and also the option of all-inclusive supply chain invoicing from one supplier. The process helps protect your product from rust by making sure that the zinc-rich coating is bonded to the metal which makes it invulnerable to corrosion. This is particularly important in Hawaii’s harsh environment in which exposure to ocean salts, high humidity, and rain can increase the rate of corrosion. TUFF is renowned for its reliability and high-quality.

Aluminum TUFF

TUFF Aluminium, Australia’s largest steel and aluminum tray manufacturer. Their products are strong and designed to last for a long time. With pre-galvanised RHS Steel Trays Queensland are constructed to ensure strength and safety. TUFF Coatings also has powder coating and wet-spraying capabilities in-house to ensure that their products are fashionable and durable.

Founded in 2017, TUFF Aluminium specializes in quality custom-designed dog boxes, utes and canopies. Their team of experienced industry professionals can handle projects from simple and small to complex and large. Their products include the Dingo ute tray which combines the best characteristics of alloy and steel trays and includes steps to help you get onto and off your vehicle.

TUFF Aluminium started making steel utility trays as an additional product line in the year 2017. The expansion into Ute trays was the result of customers wanting an additional TUFF product. In 2019 they began making aluminum trays in order to reduce the cost and lead time that are associated with steel, while still delivering their brand promises of toughness and durability.


Silverback is synonymous with high-quality ute trays and tool boxes, as well as cages for dogs, located in Cairns. They offer a full range of services and products that can be tailor made to suit specific requirements. They also carry a wide range of accessories to ensure that your ute or truck is ready for any task.

Mild steel is vulnerable to rust and needs to be protected in some way. Aluminium on the other hand is non-ferrous and free of rust. This means it’s the better option when you need to transport heavy landscape equipment, such as heaps of hard jagged rocks.

Both materials can withstand the harsh Australian conditions. However, steel is slightly heavier than aluminum. It is crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each material. Steel is more robust than aluminum, however you should also consider the way your ute tray will be used.

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