Toolboxes For Your 4WD

A toolbox is a type of storage to keep tools organized and easily accessible. They can be made of either plastic or metal. Many have compartments in different sizes to help organize tools, and some feature locks to prevent theft.

A cluttered and unorganized chest or toolbox wastes time, results in unnecessary movement and can pose safety risks. That’s why ezToolBox has created tough aluminium ute toolboxes for farmers, tradies and outdoor enthusiasts.

Toolboxes for under trays

If you’re a tradie, or simply a 4WD enthusiast who is looking to maximize the storage options available to you with Ute These under tray tool boxes are an excellent solution. They are easily accessible and are the ideal place to keep your tools, recovery gear or tie down straps.

These are also great to store lighter equipment such as tyre pump or compressors. However, I wouldn’t recommend filling them with heavy equipment or shackles. Too much weight in a small container will put too much pressure on the mounting brackets and hinges.

These aluminum tool boxes with undertrays are made to last. They have an elastomer finish that resists corrosion and scratches. They are easy to clean with a damp cloth. They’re equipped with a rear fixing Whale tail handle as well as a key lock for additional security. The return lip design prevents water and dust from entering the vehicle for confident off-road driving.

Chest toolboxes

Toolboxes Brisbane, which is larger than a drawer box is a viable alternative. It is typically used in garages for professional use or in home workshops. It can be secured with locks to prevent theft. They also come with a worktop or detachable top half to help keep your tools organized while you work.

There isn’t a perfect method to organize your cabinet, but a common method is to put heavy tools at the bottom, and smaller objects on top. This allows you to locate the right tool whenever you require it.

Foam drawer liners are available in different shapes to accommodate all drawers. You can purchase them separately or purchase a foam kit, then cut it according to your requirements. Foam kits are made of closed-cell, cross-linked foam that’s designed to resist water and chemicals. You can also create your own organizers using a saw, a T-square and a T. They are typically less expensive than buying a pre-cut set of drawer organizers.

Full opening toolboxes

Full-opening toolboxes are made with a front opening lid that makes it easy to access. They are ideal for larger machines. These tool boxes also have ample space to store smaller equipment and parts. They can be fitted with locks to give additional security. They are made of sturdy checkerplates of aluminium or powder coated, and can stand up to the harsh Australian road and weather conditions.

When power tools are placed over one another in traditional boxes, they can sustain expensive damage. Dividers and shelves can help stop this from happening, while providing easy access to the tools you need on a project.

These storage solutions can transform your vehicle into a workshop on wheels. They can be used with any rack system, and even on trucks without a rack. The lids can be opened in different positions depending on the type of work you do. They are available in a variety of lengths to fit any truck bed size and are easily mounted by using the holes for mounting that are punched in advance on the side.

Toolboxes made of steel

It’s essential to protect your tools whether you’re traveling between work locations or going from home to the shop. A truck tool box can aid. The type of truck toolbox that you choose will depend on your budget and needs. There are a myriad of options to fit your vehicle.

The most well-known option is a side-mount tool box. This truck toolbox mounts on the side-bed rails and faces outwards. It can accommodate longer equipment, such as brooms and rakes. It also provides better visibility than the crossover truck tool box.

Both kinds of truck tool boxes can be tailored to accommodate your ute, opening more space in your vehicle. They are extremely robust and resistant to corrosion. They do require maintenance, such as lubricating hinges and latches. You should also check for signs of damage, such as pitting or discoloration. Also, make sure your truck toolbox is lined to shield your tools from the cold.

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