Water Slide Rentals-Water Bounce Houses and Water Slides

Water Slide Rentals will add excitement and fun to your next summer event. These inflatable slides feature lead-free, vinyl and have been cleaned and sanitized for every rental.

This dual-lane wave slip will have you racing your friends to the pool. This will be your party’s highlight!


Inflatable water slides are a popular choice for kids birthday parties in New York City because they combine the standard bounce house fun with the fun of sliding on water. The water slides can easily be set up anywhere, including on a grassy area or by the pool. We have combos with the water slide on the bounce house. This allows you to have the best from both worlds, For more: https://www.abouttobounce.com/category/inflatable_water_slide_rentals/

These amazing slides are sure to draw attention from blocks away. They make great center pieces for any party. Choose from many different sizes and themes that will match your party’s theme and the age of your guests. All of these bounce houses come with water slides and are made of vinyl that is lead-free. They’re cleaned and sanitized every time you rent them, and they provide hours worth of entertainment for guests.

Wild Wave is 19′ tall and will send your rider flying through the sky with a splash as they land. This waterslide includes waving slide lanes and an eye-catching water colored vinyl.

Jumping Bounce Houses With Water Slides

The inflatable rentals that offer the most entertainment value for your guests are bounce houses and water slides. You will need to take into consideration factors such as the type of event, the age range of participants and available space when deciding which inflatable rental is best for your guests. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each rental type will help you make an informed choice that will ensure everyone has a safe and fun experience.

Bounce houses that include water slides offer the best of two worlds – the fun and excitement of a traditional inflatable bounce house, plus the thrill of a thrilling water slide! Water slides can be customized to fit the weather conditions or the preferences and needs of your guests. Some designs feature unique elements such as a slide-and slip element before the main one that adds an additional element of excitement.

Bounce houses and water slides make great additions to kids’ parties, family reunions, and community events. They are a fun and exciting way to enjoy summer heat while keeping children active. They are a great option for schools and churches looking to hold fundraisers. To complete your event, you can also rent other rental items, including concessions and carnival games. You can even rent tables, chairs or sound equipment.

Inflatable water Slides

Inflatable slides combine the sliding and jumping features of bounce houses to bring a whole other level of fun and excitement to parties. These inflatables can be found in a wide range of designs and sizes. They also come with characters and energetic prints. They are perfect for kids of any age and can be added to any backyard party. You should know that these inflatables are going to need a good amount of water. To avoid waste, many rental companies recycle the used water to keep a slide running smoothly.

Inflated Water Slides are also available in a range of sizes, so you can easily choose one that fits your space. You should measure the height and length of your space before you buy. Check the weight limit and the age recommendation for the water park.

This water slide is made with heavy-duty materials and features UV protection, so it can withstand hours of sun exposure. The water slide is easy to assemble and can be enjoyed by children of all age groups. It’s best to ask for assistance when moving or taking down the inflatable due to its size. After use, drain the splash pool and deflate it. Wipe down all Velcro surfaces with a dry towel. Then, let the unit air dry before storing it for the next summer.

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