How To Choose The Best Bounce House And Inflatables Rentals For Your Party

You’ve decided to rent the bounce house for your child’s next event. However, you must ensure that you are hiring the top bounce houses in Johnson County. There are a myriad of options for bounce houses and inflatables and they all work well in different circumstances. Here are some suggestions to make the best choice:

Rental companies for bounce houses typically offer a variety houses in different sizes, which are perfect for various types of events. If you’re looking to give your children hours of fun, you can also rent combo bounce houses. For a larger party, you may also consider renting climbing walls, obstacle courses, and carnival games. All of these inflatables can keep your guests happy and entertained for hours! For your next party, you can rent a bounce house in Lake Zurich.

Bounce House Rentals Park Ridge, IL are a popular party favor. There are many options for bounce houses to choose from. You can pick a traditional bounce house or a themed one like the Monsters Inc characters from Disney’s Pixar. Bounce houses are ideal for birthday parties, school parties, and other events. You can also personalize your bounce house to meet the number of guests and their age.

The cost of renting bounce houses vary widely. The basic model can cost between $189 and $339, while more complex bounce houses may run upwards of $1,000. The most expensive bounce house rentals typically include extras like delivery, set-up, and take-down. You can also choose from a range of tropical themes as well as combos that include inflatable slides and slips. Be sure to choose a rental company that offers both. It’s worth it to get a high-quality bounce house for your next celebration.

Age limitations The standard bounce house is suitable for children of all ages, however if you have older children present, you can rent a bounce house that has slides. A combo bounce house has an elevated area for climbing, a climbing wall, and an area for basketball games. Adults on the other hand, should avoid putting guests of different sizes and ages into a bounce house, since they may fall into it, causing injuries to both participants.

Safety considerations: Ensure that the inflatable bounce house is located on a level surface, with no gradient or slope. While a slight slope may be acceptable, it shouldn’t be apparent. A 12-gauge extension cord should be used. Do not overload the power source. If necessary tie the clothing of children. Inflated bounce houses should only be used by children of the same age and size. Be sure that your children don’t engage in activities that are risky or dangerous, such as flipping, climbing the net or playing horseplay in extreme amounts. If the weather is not adequate, you can remove the bounce house immediately.

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