Three Methods of Concrete Leveling

Uneven concrete slabs, whether they are on your driveway, sidewalk, or pool deck can be not only unsightly but also dangerous. Not only can they be dangerous to people who are walking on them, they can also cause structural problems to your home. Concrete leveling allows sunken and elevated concrete slabs to be repaired without having them replaced. This article will explain the three most common concrete leveling techniques, including mud-jacking, polyleveling, and A-1’s patented lime slurry grout leveling method.

Mudjacking, also known as concrete leveling, is a solution that involves pumping a mixture of soil, sand, and water under the sunken slab to raise it up. While this is a very effective method for lifting concrete, it does have some drawbacks. First, a slurry-mix can weaken the ground beneath the slab. This could cause the sunken cement to sink again. Second, lifting the sunken cement to the previous height is not possible with mudjacking. The voids are not filled or stabilized.

The slurry may take several weeks to fully cure. This can cause problems for homeowners who need their slabs back in use quickly. A-1’s concrete levels solutions are made with a polyurethane that cures quickly and reaches its full strength in only 20 minutes. You can use your sunken concrete within a week, and enjoy the benefits of your driveway and yard.

Sunken Sidewalk Repair, Uneven sidewalks and walkways are not only unsightly, but they can also be a tripping hazard for pedestrians. A-1’s concrete leveling service can lift the sunken walkway back to its original location, removing any potential trip hazards and restoring an appropriate surface for your guests.

The Best Concrete Leveling Service

If you choose a company to perform concrete leveling on your commercial or residential property, ensure that they are insured, licensed and certified. This will ensure you that the job has been completed correctly and that any legal issues that may arise during or after the concrete-leveling process are avoided.

Before you sign any contracts, it’s important to find a contractor who offers a free estimate. You will get a better idea of how much your project will cost.

Concrete leveling is a quick and inexpensive way to raise sunken or settled concrete slabs, which can help to improve your home’s value and increase its curb appeal. It is important to select a professional concrete company that has extensive experience, and is backed with a solid reputation. A-1 is a company that has been around for many years. We use only the best materials to complete each concrete leveling project. Contact us today for a concrete leveling quote.

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