The Speed Can Be Adjusted By The Operator To Meet Their Requirements

A Tote Mixing Motor can be used to mix in various industrial and IBC t-shirts. Mixers that are paired with a tote will increase productivity and efficiency and reduce the cost of labor and waste. There are a myriad of tote mixers to choose from however the most popular is the 5.75″ collapsible impeller. These mixers are available in various models, including manual, explosion motor-proof, and air.

The 275-gallon Pneumatic Tote Mixer comes with an 1.7-horsepower GAST motor. The 6-inch screw cap on the 275-gallon model is ideal for stirring viscous light substances. The shaft is made of stainless steel 316 and has an all-metal construction. The machine includes an adjustable handlebar and an 5” three-blade propeller with a square pitch.

The mixer is equipped with a top-quality durable agitator that can be mounted in a variety of ways. There are three kinds of attachments that are available for the agitator, each with their own advantages. You can mount the mixer on a lid made of shultz or a 6-inch screw cap. If you need a larger tote mixer, there is an option that can be customized. It is important to keep in mind that the agitator is only as good as its mounting system, so ensure that you have it properly mounted before you start the mixing process.

The Even Mix IBC Tote Mixer provides a sophisticated solution to your mixing needs. Its low-rpm mixing stops air infusion and provides the highest efficiency. Its multi-bladed design is yet another unique feature. With this innovative design it is possible to mix materials from multiple IBCs in one machine. It can also be fitted with either a single or dual mixing impellers based on the viscosity. It is possible to use multiple blades to achieve the best results.

Dynamix Tote Mixer comes with an impeller that folds up, that allows either axial or circular flow. This impeller fits through an bung-hole, which allows for better operator and environment security. It can handle huge liquids but still be small and efficient. Another option that is highly recommended is the Intermediate Bulk Container Mixer. They are more efficient and create an identical product. INDCO is the best place to locate a Tote Mixer.

The Integrated Tote Mixer allows for quick and simple reconfiguration of the unit. The motor and drive integrated permit you to use the same drive for multiple totes without changing the drive configuration. The integrated design makes it simple to set up and take down the unit within seconds. This not only decreases your time to repair, but it will also improve your efficiency because it allows the color to flow freely across the tote.

Pulsair Systems’ IBC Tote Mixer features a non-mechanical mixing process that’s ideal to rehomogenize liquids within totes or foam-insulated containers. It does not change the properties of the liquid in the tank, which ensures optimal mixing results. The Tote Mixer weighs about six pounds and uses compressed air pressure to produce large bubbles that are located at the bottom of the tank.

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