Rent a Daughter introduces concierge senior care services

A personal visit, once a week at a flat rate, to visit a loved one

Rent a Daughter is pleased to announce that they have introduced concierge aged care services. There are many families who have a senior living alone for a variety of reasons. So anyone who needs someone to drop by their mother, father or grandparents and help them with non-medical services has come to the right place at Rent a Daughter. Their concierge check-in service is designed to visit a senior member either at their home or at a facility.

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A trained caretaker may be hired to provide services that are not medical in nature, such as: B. Ensuring the availability of medicines that are properly dispensed and administered to patients according to their schedule; help the patient improve their movement; Grocery shopping and making sure the fridge and pantry are stocked with supplies; management of medical appointments; daily, weekly or need-based support; and last but not least, take them for a ride or a walk to lift their spirits and provide a change of scenery.

These are just a few common home nursing and elderly care services offered by Rent a daughter. Those who hire the caregivers can also give them specific instructions or care-related tasks such as washing, doing their hair, bathing, taking out the garbage, playing cards, reading aloud, or just sitting and keeping company. With the holiday season approaching, the seniors may need an extra pair of hands for prep. The team here is available 4 hours straight or even 24 hours every day of the week. Whether a loved one needs care in their own home or in an assisted living facility or in a senior living community, Rent a Daughter provides customized home care services for seniors in a variety of settings.

Unfortunately, many families today live apart due to work demands. This ministry is a place for all those people who care about their parents and want someone to take care of them. Rent a Daughter Senior Care Concierge Services are designed to allow regular check-ins according to the needs and requirements of families. This gives them peace of mind that their loved ones are taken care of. Typically, the agency arranges one in-person visit per week at a flat rate. Depending on the situation, they can also make several visits.

Rent a Daughter Senior Care Concierge Services
Rent a Daughter Senior Care Concierge Services

You can also initiate phone calls between in-person visits. A short text message is then sent to the family member to reassure them that their loved ones are okay. Many people are looking for this type of aged care services but are concerned for the safety of their loved ones. However, Rent a Daughter is one of the most reliable, confidential and trusted agencies having been in this industry for over 18 years and have received nothing but praise and reputation for caring, compassionate and professional service.

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Rent a Daughter is a leading provider of Elderly Care Services as well as other care services at a professional level. The center offers both advanced and specialized services for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. Caregivers are qualified and trained to provide planned and tailored programs for each individual.



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