Moore Pet Supply is launching a new range of free standing pet gates with doors

Also with electronic dog doors with access from both sides for up to 5 pets

Moore Pet Supply is pleased to announce the launch of a new range of free standing pet gates with doors. This shop is a one stop online shop for all things pet door and accessories. As the web’s leading retailer of pet gates and doors, this store offers an extensive range of products including electronic dog doors and custom-made products. Experienced installers and trained staff are always available to answer customer questions.

The latest on the list is the Deluxe Mesh Freestanding Pet Gate with Door priced at $299.99 from a well-known brand RICHELL. This model is designed to fit in hallway openings and doorways from 52.2″ to 69.1″.

The pass-through door makes this product the most popular choice in this category. The door opens in both directions, has an automatic latch and stays open at 90 degrees so pet owners can easily navigate from one area to another. The elegant design suits almost every furnishing theme. The gate features a quality rubberwood frame finish and rich antique bronze detailing. The intricate design and mesh screen bring an elegant look to the overall product. The product is super stable despite the mesh. The side walls prevent the gate from tipping over and the rubber feet prevent the gate from sliding and scratching the surfaces.

Moore Pet Supplies

The $137.99 – $317.99 Petsafe Electronic Smart Dog Door is designed to provide controlled entry and exit for dogs. This means those who use dog door installation in their homes can keep unwanted visitors out and allow access only to their pets. The gates can be locked to keep the pets inside, especially when the pet parents are away. The door can be used for up to 5 pets. The collar tags have an activation range of 3 feet from the door. However, these doors can only be used for dogs and not for cats.

Customers can also purchase custom-made dog doors for any breed, for large pets, pets in wheelchairs, senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues, and pets with obesity. Custom dog doors are built to specific dimensions with a single flap or two flaps. Except for the very many pet doors and pet gates, the store also offers door parts and flaps, batteries, collar tags, pet door installation, maintenance kits and more. The store also offers other products such as beds: furniture grade pet beds, outdoor and heated beds, pads, mats and blankets. Crates, kennels, dog crates, dog collars, kennels, flea and tick medication, harnesses and vests and much more are featured here.

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Founded in 1996, Moore Pet Supplies LLC is the premier pet door retailer, offering its customers an extensive collection of pet doors. The store stocks all the major brands including bespoke pet doors and inserts for pet patios and patio doors.



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