Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

A lush, green lawn that beckons to passersby is often considered one of the hallmarks of a home. But achieving this isn’t always possible without professional help from a landscaping company. Moscarino Landscape + Design can offer everything from planning to installing the plants, grading, walls, walkways and driveways that you want in your outdoor space. They can also handle other tasks such as mulching, sod installation, weed control and fertilizer application. Some may even provide masonry work, water features and pest control.

Some landscape companies have botanists on staff, who are responsible for studying the various types of vegetation and how they adapt to different environmental conditions. Botanists are a mixture of plant researchers, doctors and protectors and require a degree in biology or horticulture.

Lawn Care and Maintenance

A lawn that’s regularly mowed, pruned and fertilized is a key element of a good-looking landscape. Stream Line Lawn & Landscape offers a variety of lawn maintenance services that include scheduling, string trimming and seasonal yard cleanups. Aeration, seeding, sod laying and fertilizer application are also available, as well as lawn treatments to protect against disease and weeds. The business can also plant shrubs and hedges to act as natural fences, as well as install retaining walls and pavers.

When hiring a landscaping company, be sure to ask about their guarantees. A written contract should detail what they will do and what they won’t, such as using invasive species or removing existing plantings that you want to keep. It should also include a timeline for how long it will take to complete the project and a list of materials that will be used.

If the contractor plans to remove a large amount of existing vegetation, consider having it professionally surveyed and mapped. This can identify areas where the soil is unstable and may need to be amended before installing new plants. It can also help avoid problems later on when the landscape is mature and needs to be maintained.

A landscaping company that provides both design and construction can save you time and money, as they’ll be able to oversee the entire job from start to finish. This can reduce the chances of miscommunication and misunderstandings that can occur when you work with several different companies.

If you have existing plantings that you’d like to retain, make a list and tie a ribbon around each plant so it remains undisturbed. Or consider letting some areas of your yard grow longer, which is easier to maintain and provides habitat for pollinators. There are many guides on how to do this, and your local Soil and Water Conservation District is a good source of information. It’s also healthier for the environment and your health, as chemical pesticides can be harmful to both you and your pets.

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