Josh Berrigan celebrates his life helping troubled youth

Joshua Berrigan felt that his path in life was to lift up those who were less fortunate in life.

A community is made up of many people working together. We have our public service heroes like our firefighters, nurses and police officers. But there are also people who have helped shape the lives of many in our communities who may never receive the praise or recognition of our emergency services heroes…

But her contribution was profound, helping to shape the lives of our youth. In this article, we’ll focus on one of those people. Joshua Berrigan, who lives and works in McPherson District on the southern Gold Coast.

Josh Berrigan holds degrees in international business and law from Griffith University, but left the corporate world behind to find a different calling. To help those in the community, especially the youth, who are in dire need of help and guidance.

Joshua Berrigan

As a husband and father Joshua Berrigan felt that his path in life was to lift up those who had less than lucky hands in life.

Over the past 15 years he has helped many, many children, many of whom are now young adults, through challenges and overcome difficulties in their lives.

Josh says, “It’s so heartening to meet kids I helped years ago, now seeing that they’re in a good place as smiling young adults.”

One such story is the story of a little boy named Rob. Josh has known Rob for 15 years and they recently caught up when Josh helped Rob get a bed for him and his partner for their new home. Josh was happy to hear that Rod has a partner he loves, a job that keeps him busy, and a group of good friends he’s never had before.

Josh met Rob when he was 10 and “out of control” at school. Josh says, “There’s always a reason a kid acts up, and when you see the reason, it’s often heartbreaking.”

Rob’s story was one of those heartbreaking moments. Rob’s mother was in a physically abusive relationship that Rob (as a 10 year old) tried to protect his mother from. Josh took Rob’s mother to court to support her and has since spent many years continuing to support her and the children who are now young adults.

Rob and his family are one of many that Joshua has accompanied and helped care for. I was personally puzzled by the fact that long after Joshua left the job he supported Rob in – he worked there for two years – Joshua personally continued

support the family for 15 years and count. It shows me that for people like Josh, helping and standing up for others isn’t a job, it’s their heart.

There are many people living in the church who are having a hard time. For my part, I am encouraged to meet people like Josh, who has decided to make it his life’s work to let people like Rob know that they are not alone, that there are people who care about them and will do anything become what they can pick them up and help them move them forward. That’s the kind of community I want to be part of.



Joshua Berrigan

Address: 1146 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach QLD Australia.

Telephone: 0407279001

E-mail: [email protected]


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