Chicago-based in-motion physical therapy offers insight into risk factors for running injuries

Running injuries are surprisingly common but often overlooked. The leading sports therapy clinic provides insight into the causes of running injuries and tips on how to avoid them.

Leading sports therapy clinic In Motion Physical Therapy recently published a blog entry the most common causes of running injuries. Written by a certified physical therapist at the clinic, the post discusses several ways to minimize, if not avoid, the possibility of injury. While personal factors such as age, sex, height and gender cannot be changed, other things can be changed.

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The blog post highlights age as a potential risk factor, with a runner’s experience being a rough indicator of their risk of injury. In general, beginners have a higher risk of injury than older or overweight people. Also, people who have previously been injured or have a history of injuries from other sports are at a higher risk of injuring themselves while running. But even experienced runners who are older and have a history of running-related injuries are also at a higher risk of injury. However, the role of gender in running injuries is not fully understood. It is therefore difficult to say whether women have a higher risk of injury when running than men, or vice versa.

Other factors mentioned in the post that lead to running injuries include a decrease in lower body strength, leg length, and training factors. In other words, some people are biomechanically inclined to be better runners and therefore have a lower risk of injury. However, people who are biomechanically disadvantaged can take certain steps to minimize injuries from running.

Readers can read In Motion Physical Therapy’s full blog post on the company’s official website at

Leading Sports Therapy Clinic In Motion Physical Therapy
Leading Sports Therapy Clinic In Motion Physical Therapy

“Many in the health and fitness industry are asking people to run, specifically to burn fat and keep their heart rates up. However, as professionals we know that not everyone can be a confident runner, some people are biomechanically disadvantaged when it comes to running, and for them there are other safer ways to burn fat when that is the goal.During safe pre-run stretching and warm-up laps help to some degree, if you’ve had running injuries in the past there’s a good chance you’re at higher risk. The best way to avoid running injuries is to take things slow, especially when you’re new.” Said one of the representatives of In Motion Physical Therapy.

she added “Our blog post addresses pretty much every common factor that can lead to a running injury. The factors we have outlined are based on our experience and that of hundreds of therapists working with runners worldwide. That is why this data is so important. If you are a recreational runner or want to burn fat, why not try the elliptical or something like that?”

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