A Title IX Lawyer Can Help Clients Avoid Any Possible Repercussions

You might be concerned about Title IX violations if you are an undergraduate or graduate student at a college. This federal civil rights law shields students against discrimination based upon gender or sexual orientation. Harassment, sexual assault and inappropriate use of school property are just a few examples of discrimination.

This complicated legal area can be helped by an experienced Title IX Lawyer Montana. Based on the kind of violation you’re accused, you could receive an academic transcript gap or be refused admission to a college, graduate program, or lose your job chances. It is important to remember that not all colleges or universities follow the same policies and procedures. Duffy Law’s legal department regularly defends Title IX students.

It is recommended to hire a Title IX lawyer in New York, NY to advise you on what to do if you are accused of an infraction. A competent attorney can make the difference between a positive or negative outcome. Your attorney can not only represent you, but provide the necessary support throughout the process.

As part of the process you may be asked to testify. You might be able to present your case in person. However, you can also submit your evidence in writing. However, if you choose to present your case in person, you should be prepared for an exhaustive investigation. Typically, investigations last at least 60 days, however, they can take longer if the matter is complex.

You may also be asked to provide evidence to support your assertion. This could include correspondence, eyewitness accounts, and school handbooks. You might also need to cross-examine a person who has been accused. If you employ the right strategies, it is possible to prove that a different person was involved in the incident.

For many students, the process of being accused of a Title IX violation is stressful. Students may be embarrassed and angry and may feel unfairly treated.

Although there is no way to guarantee you will get out of an Title IX investigation, having a good attorney can be a huge help. They can assist you in identifying issues, defend your position in a fair and objective manner and advise you on the next steps you should take.

A Title IX lawsuit may allow you to revoke a sanction or erase the incident from your record. You could also be able to receive compensation in the form of monetary damages for the losses you suffered. You stand a better chance of winning your lawsuit.

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